When she was four (?) she broke her femur and was in a body cast. She was basically immobile and she'd feel so lonely when I would have friends over and we'd go outside and play instead of play with her. I can't even think about it without feeling so so bad. Makes me want to cry and beg for her forgiveness. Even though I know she'd laugh and say don't feel bad and she never thinks about it. But I'm sorry anyway. 

But this best friend of mine. I love her and look up to her so much. She's a billion times smarter than me, is the best listener I know, roots for the underdog, and she'll out-wit your ass any day. 


This morning I hiked the Y trail. I started hiking this trail 3 to 4 times a week last May and did it through the middle of Fall. I just recently started back up again because the weather has been nice and also I don't have a gym membership anymore.  

When I was about half way back on my way down, I passed a man coming up who I started the same time with. He said, "You're fast". I told him I do this about 3 times a week so I should be. Smiling. I was smiling. 

Since this morning I've had anxiety that he thinks I'm smug. He thinks I was bragging. He thinks I'm really lame. He thinks I could have just said "thank you". I meant that I'm fast because I've spent so many months being really slow. I meant that I didn't just hike this for the first time today and zip right up the trail. I meant don't feel bad for being slow because I didn't even go to the top the first couple of times. But you know that and he does too? 

I don't have this kind of anxiety when I'm not on my period. 

BE hands free

Here are a couple images from a lifestyle shoot Havoc and I did a couple months ago for BE Headwear.  BE Headwear is a company that sells head wear with built in bluetooth music and phone capabilities. I love the concept and the products so much. 

For this photo shoot we thought up the kind of girl who would wear this particular style of  head wear.  It's a basic beanie, with no pattern or embellishments so we thought the female customer for this would have a touch of tom boy in her. She likes a good balance of function and fashion in her clothes and accessories. She's an explorer and adventurer. 

Boots: Sorel 
Jacket: Jeans by Buffalo (it's on sale right now at JC Penney online and take it from me, you need this jacket). 


Last week was meeting up with my friend Bethany from Arizona in Las Vegas. Last week was the movie "Philomena" in the theater. Recommended by my mom and I recommend it too, although be prepared to want to put some nuns in headlocks. Last week was too much candy. It was riding in a shuttle van from Las Vegas to Provo and wondering why I haven't written a book yet about my shuttle van/ greyhound bus experiences. Last week was getting home from Vegas, packing real quick, and heading up to a cabin in the Unitas with Havoc for a weekend spent with friends. It was these views from the cabin and lots of feet of snow and just plain beauty. It was several rounds of Speed Scrabble. It was seeing a moose. Last week ain't half bad. 

3.17.14. Must Be Comfortable

I've been looking for a shirt that fit this criteria: comfortable, long enough to wear with leggings, loose fitting, and preferrably black or white. Without thinking about it during a particular trip to Walmart, I saw this in the Women's section. Yeah, it's kind of mom-ish, but it was also $8.49 and is great for the kind of shirt I was looking for. I got a medium which was huge, and shrunk it to a still pretty huge size. But I wanted it to fit big. 

It's kind of the perfect shirt to wear every day while being on your period.