My current jams are:

Black Out Days- Phantogram
I Lift My Eyes- Loud Harp
The Vision (Let Me Breathe)- Joker
Tennis Court- Lorde
Silhouette- Parlor Hawk

April, 2014. Right outside of Las Vegas. Now this is a color palette I can stand behind. 



When she was four (?) she broke her femur and was in a body cast. She was basically immobile and she'd feel so lonely when I would have friends over and we'd go outside and play instead of play with her. I can't even think about it without feeling so so bad. Makes me want to cry and beg for her forgiveness. Even though I know she'd laugh and say don't feel bad and she never thinks about it. But I'm sorry anyway. 

But this best friend of mine. I love her and look up to her so much. She's a billion times smarter than me, is the best listener I know, roots for the underdog, and she'll out-wit your ass any day. 


This morning I hiked the Y trail. I started hiking this trail 3 to 4 times a week last May and did it through the middle of Fall. I just recently started back up again because the weather has been nice and also I don't have a gym membership anymore.  

When I was about half way back on my way down, I passed a man coming up who I started the same time with. He said, "You're fast". I told him I do this about 3 times a week so I should be. Smiling. I was smiling. 

Since this morning I've had anxiety that he thinks I'm smug. He thinks I was bragging. He thinks I'm really lame. He thinks I could have just said "thank you". I meant that I'm fast because I've spent so many months being really slow. I meant that I didn't just hike this for the first time today and zip right up the trail. I meant don't feel bad for being slow because I didn't even go to the top the first couple of times. But you know that and he does too? 

I don't have this kind of anxiety when I'm not on my period. 

BE hands free

Here are a couple images from a lifestyle shoot Havoc and I did a couple months ago for BE Headwear.  BE Headwear is a company that sells head wear with built in bluetooth music and phone capabilities. I love the concept and the products so much. 

For this photo shoot we thought up the kind of girl who would wear this particular style of  head wear.  It's a basic beanie, with no pattern or embellishments so we thought the female customer for this would have a touch of tom boy in her. She likes a good balance of function and fashion in her clothes and accessories. She's an explorer and adventurer. 

Boots: Sorel 
Jacket: Jeans by Buffalo (it's on sale right now at JC Penney online and take it from me, you need this jacket).